The Centre

The Nei Gong Centre is a holistic centre where you can meet like-minded people to share and learn together. Relax and recharge your battery, have fun and regain quality of your life by getting healthy on all levels. Nei Gong is an ancient form of Chinese exercises that help to achieve physical health, deep relaxation and spiritual growth. Dating back thousands of years, they are passed down orally from master to students. Nei Gong means “internal work”. With these continuous dynamic movements, you open up the entire network of meridians and energy channels thus the vital “chi” can flow freely through the human body. Result: relieves stress related pain, increases flexibility, strengthens spine thus better posture, improves clarity and concentration, helps with insomnia and to overcome depression and anxiety. Senior Teacher (Owner of the Centre) Doris Baer gives courses for beginners and experienced students (free trial class) as well as one-on-one sessions. She conducts workshops on specific topics and preparatory courses for teacher training. In addition, Doris also offers individual and group sessions with her own healing techniques she calls the “Healing Flame” to balance body, mind and spirit.