Whether you are super healthy or on the road to recovery, you can benefit from nurturing your body through Nei Gong Centre

How Tian Yan Nei Gong® works on the physical level:

–         Strengthens, realigns and tones the whole body – improves posture

–         Greatly improves back problems, neck and shoulder tension

–         Strengthens knees and opens the hip joints

–         Increases flexibility in all joints

–        Helps with tennis elbow, reduces pain caused by rheumatism and arthritis

–        Strengthens entire immune system

–        Improves grounding

–        Reduces insomnia

–        Improves metabolism

–        Reduces symptoms of menopause

–        Helps to regulate high and low blood pressure


On an emotional and mental level:

–         Integrates body and mind and brings you into the “here and now”

–         Increases vitality

–         Discharges negative emotional energy (anger, fears, anxieties, traumas, depression etc.)

–         Helps to increase self-esteem and confidence

–         Improves concentration and focus

–         Slows down the aging process

–         Reduces stress and tension