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As an energy facilitator and an accredited Essential Archetypes Mentor, Doris creates unique programs for individuals assisting them to find their inner peace – a life changing experience that can enable them to live their dream with confidence.

She guides clients who wish to live more truly to see and let go of their old belief systems, fears and judgements through a structured and effective Essential Archetypes approach that uncovers hidden subconscious patterns and mindsets. Doris supports her clients to find their true qualities and gives them the possibilities to understand themselves fully so they can take complete ownership of their lives. That enables them to find confidence and peace within.

An amazing experience encompassing all aspects of life from health to wealth, relationships to career and purpose leading to a happiness. 

How it works:

We all have 4 archetypes, the quintessence, the quality of who we are that is timeless. They are the templates for living in various ways. When all aspects of each archetype are combined, they form the whole.

You will find out your 4 archetypes and discover their qualities and how your archetypes work together on a personality level. Once you have understood how to use these qualities to your advantage, we can then dig deeper to work with your inner self and purpose.

If you feel that this is something you would like to explore with Doris, then she  invites you for a

FREE “My First Step to Change my Life Now” 15-minute online session where you will find out what your archetypes and their true qualities are and how you can work with them.




Working with my archetypes to get a deeper understanding of all of who am I, Doris helped me to shift energy through accepting and integrating some strong, uncomfortable emotions and aspects of myself I’d refused to claim (anger, shame, hate), letting go of judgements, changing the habit of thinking so much and learning to feel again.

What stood out for me about Doris’s style of mentoring was her ability to access her intuition – she listened beyond my words and “knew” what I was not saying.

Before we worked together, I felt heavy and in a dark place. Our sessions saw me laugh and cry. Being honest with myself was powerful and healing. Now I feel lighter and life is flowing with much more ease. Big thank you, Doris! ”

– Glynis, Australia



“Before starting the Archetype Mentoring Program I had told Doris it felt like I was embarking on a “masters” program for life and awakening. I had previously completed a range of different coaching programs and learned many different modalities for inner work, the feeling was that this program would tie everything together and consolidate my learning.

It turned out that it was indeed a “masters” and much much more. Over the course of the 8+ months, I was challenged to grow, to look inward, outward, backwards and forwards. I devolved, resolved and evolved. I laughed, cried, broke down, rebuilt and laughed some more. I let go of old stories that no longer served me, wrote some new ones and by the end, I felt like I was reborn as a completely new person, exactly what I needed.

Throughout the whole program, Doris the wise and loving old soul was there guiding me all way. Part fairy god mother, part big sister, full time cheerleader for your archetypes and true self to shine through. It was hard not to be honest with myself through Doris’ comforting and intuitive approach. I would always look forward to each session and Doris was always well prepared, professional and with positive energy. Just make sure you’re prepared to put in the work and get comfortable with the depth of the soul lessons, Doris won’t let you off the hook easily as she makes sure you get as much as you can out of the program. 

Looking back, I can see how I have completely changed my life for the better. I consolidated all the knowledge that my soul knew (but maybe didn’t want to believe) as well as integrating a number of “new” realizations and lessons. There were also practices that I have kept in my weekly routine and likely will be part of my life routine for good.

If I could summarize in one word, I would say the program is MAGIC. No matter if you’re trying to “shift” energy, seeking answers or just would like to do some inner work, I would recommend this program for EVERYBODY. This IS the “masters” for your life and the best investment of your time and money that will no doubt pay dividends. Thank you for everything Doris!”

                                                                                                                                                                                   – Tony, Hong Kong



I started this programme because two people recommended it to me, and I was aware that I had a couple of topics in my life where I could use help to move forward. The programme moved from a nice overview ever deeper and deeper and sometimes the sessions were extremely hard work, but something always loosened, opened up and became clearer! Actually, the clarity I could see my own behavior with in some situations was absolutely fascinating – there was no shame, no judgement, no unnecessary emotions in the way and letting go and change was suddenly possible. Even though it was a year of hard, intense and time-consuming work it was extremely rewarding! The perception of myself has changed a great deal – I feel a lot clearer, more self secure, strong and joyful; a lot of fear has vanished! I am much more aware of old structures in myself and in relationship with others and can consciously act in a new way – if I really get drawn into my old story, I now have tools to react and pull myself out. I`m thankful and proud and would certainly recommend this wonderful and very effective and rewarding work with Doris to anyone who is open to dig deeper…”

– Andrea, Germany



I started my course with Doris in May 2016, and I have enjoyed every session ever since, even though some parts were very emotional and sometimes not so easy to understand and accept.      

Doris is immensely passionate about this course. She has helped me to discover new aspects of my personal life and my personality, always with great humour and insight as well as gentle persuasion, determination and sincere dedication. We share laughs and tears and always find ways to see the positive aspects of these encounters.              

I have experienced and learned so many things about myself and I’m really grateful to Doris for her loving guidance.                   

And, I’m always very much looking forward to each ‘new Skype date’!”

– Anita

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