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That' what people say:

"The first thing to notice about Doris Baer is her radiating energy and air of lightness in her being. Her smile is infectious and her image of health instantly uplifts those around her."

Many years ago, back pains motivated me to find alternative ways of healing myself. I became healthy from the inside out and credit a major part of my transformation to the Tian Yan Nei Gong™, a powerful practice that has the potential to heal and cure almost any problem.

After 13 years of studying and practicing this ancient Taoist form of “inner work”, I developed a highly tuned sensitivity to Universal energies and began to use my powerful healing touch to treat clients.

Through a combination of Tian Yan Nei Gong™ (Inner Work) and a set of unique healing tools, I can help to alleviate pain, remove emotional blockages, reduce stress, balance the body and restore people back to health.

As well as healing the body, I am also able to balance the energy of a space (Space Clearing) and am capable of energetically cleansing homes and offices to remove stagnant or negative energies. This can be very effective in producing harmonious relationships, better work performance and improving the well-being of all individuals working or living there.

By now a qualified Senior Nei Gong Teacher and Owner of the Nei Gong Centre Hong Kong, I regularly hold classes, conduct workshops and give private consultations in Hong Kong and Switzerland. For my overseas clients I offer Skype sessions.

My mission is to be a role model of health and vitality, as a true Innergy Master I live my passion with my unique integrated approach of Innergy healing to help others balance and improve their health.

I use my intuition to select non-evasive natural tools to effectively treat people on physical, emotional and mental levels.

As an accredited Essential Archetype Mentor™ (by Insight Teachings), I provide clients who aim to de-clutter their lives with guidance by teaching them how to let go of old believe systems and judgments. I support them to find their true qualities which leads to a fulfilled happy life.

"The more happy and healthy people we see, the better our world will be." This is my dream.

What is Tian Yan Nei Gong

Tian Yan Nei Gong™ is an ancient Taoist form of exercises. It means in Chinese "internal work" and is the parent system of Tai Chi and Chi Gong.

These dynamic continuous movements open up the entire network of meridians and energy channels thus the vital energy "chi" can flow freely throughout the human body. This brings about inner calmness, physical strength and flexibility, increased overall well-being, and it allows the body to heal.

The exercises have beautiful names like "Flying Dragon in the Sky" or "Plucking the Flower with a Smile". They are safe and gentle yet very powerful. With the continuous spinal movement (like a dragon or a snake) we are constantly working on the Nervous System and massaging the internal organs. "Optimal spinal movement equals optimal overall health".

Goal: Nei Gong is not only practiced for physical health, it does a fantastic job balancing the mind and the emotions and integrating body and mind. This is where Tian Yan Nei Gong™ is working! Once this is achieved, personal growth and spiritual development can take place. Please visit the Nei Gong website for more details: www.tianyanneigong.com

"Doris is a true capacity in Nei Gong. She knows the exercises and all their positive effects on the physical, emotional and spiritual level inside out. She teaches them masterfully with lots of patience and in all details. A true treasure for the physical well-being and the spiritual development. During my studies in China and Europe since 1989, I have met many good and very good teachers in this area. However, what I have learnt in a very short time with Doris is just amazing. Do not miss this chance."

- Rolf Roth, Therapist in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Switzerland, 4. September 2017

"I was feeling desperate… I was not feeling grounded and had a very painful frozen shoulder. A friend and a Nei Gong student with Doris recommended that I try Nei Gong for my problems.                                                                                                                                     I met Doris, had a first-class trial and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!                                                It was not only Nei Gong (which of course I love; I practiced twice a week and participated to a few workshops) and the exercises, it was also Doris: her professionalism, her spirituality, her kindness…The classes are small, and Doris is a great teacher, always ensuring that all exercises are performed in the right manner. After a year, I moved back to France with no shoulder pain and feeling much more grounded!

Try it! Enjoy it! Love It!"

- Lamia G, France


I work with an energy I call "The Healing Flame" that strengthens and purifies on all levels. It brings the body into balance and harmony within itself. I have been working with this "Healing Flame" in the last few years with fantastic results.

These different healing techniques can alleviate acute or chronic physical pain, remove emotional blockages, reduce stress, balance the body and restore people back to health.

I offer one-on-one sessions as well as twice a month healing/meditation group sessions. Here I will pick up the group's energy to establish what kind of healing or meditation is appropriate for that time.

"After struggling with back pain for well over a year, I consulted Doris for help with exercises and  healing. Within 4 months my back pain improved beyond expectations, and my mobility and sleep also benefited. Doris is teaching me exercises that help me slowly regain flexibility and strength in my spine. 15-30 minutes practice most mornings have begun to make a significant difference.

The healing sessions are definitely helping to shift stuck and blocked energies in my body, bringing pain-free days for the first time in many months. In addition, they bring about a deep relaxation of long-held tension which builds up with chronic pain, and literally make me feel lighter in mind and body.

I would highly recommend both the lessons and the healing that Doris offers to anyone who is suffering with chronic pain, ailments and disease.  Not only will the healing relieve symptoms, but the lessons give you the chance to learn a simple life-long regimen that will enhance and strengthen on every level.  And now that I’m 60, I’m definitely embracing that!"

- Lisa G, Health Practitioner 2018

Essential Archetype Mentoring©

Unfold your LOTUS within!

Become that LOTUS by getting CLARITY:  De-clutter your life, let go of old believe systems and judgments. Find your true qualities which can lead to a fulfilled happy life.

Like this beautiful LOTUS coming out of the muddy water. It keeps growing despite the unknown, uncertainty and darkness around it. It just trusts and keeps going. Once out in the light, it is still a bud with all pedals closed. Gradually it opens one pedal after the other. Sometimes it only keeps one or two pedals open. This reflects doubts, hesitation, fears and judgments.  It then can choose to continue growing. Change takes place until it has full clarity of who it is. Finally the lotus blossoms in its full beauty for everyone to enjoy.

I assist to dig until you find that beautiful lotus within to live life to your fullest and celebrate who you are.

The 4 Cs to get CLARITY: Create, Choose, Change and Celebrate


"Working with my archetypes to get a deeper understanding of all of who am I, Doris helped me to shift energy through accepting and integrating some strong, uncomfortable emotions and aspects of myself I’d refused to claim (anger, shame, hate), letting go of judgments, changing the habit of thinking so much and learning to feel again.

What stood out for me about Doris’s style of mentoring was her ability to access her intuition – she listened beyond my words and “knew” what I was not saying. 😊

Before we worked together, I felt heavy and in a dark place. Our sessions saw me laugh and cry. Being honest with myself was powerful and healing. Now I feel lighter and life is flowing with much more ease. Big thank you, Doris!"

- Glynis, Australia, Oct 2018


Learn and have Fun


I conduct workshops in Hong Kong and Switzerland with different themes on a regular base for physical well-being and  personal growth. Having fun with like minded people is the key to these popular workshops.

"I recently attended the 'Hip Opening' weekend workshop with Doris, although attending Nei Gong classes regularly the intensiveness of the two days made such a difference to the movement in my hips and lower back.  Increased mobility and suppleness, a much freer feeling altogether.  A weekend very well spent!"

- Jane Shanahan, HKG, 9.2.15

"Yes, I enjoyed your workshop very much, your presentation was also excellent – not boring at all! The poses we learnt are already part of my morning exercise routine and what is most important, I can confirm your prediction, I won the golf tournament on Sunday!!                                                                                                                                                                           When I start losing at golf more frequently I will call you and line up for another course!"

- Guenther R., HKG, 25.3.14

Space clearing

Physical spaces collect the energy of people and events at home or in the office. What does that mean? Negative emotions such as sadness, stress, confusion, depression, fear and anger can build up in our homes/offices. The energy becomes stagnant or negative, creating disharmony and blockages in our lives.

Space clearing frees the space from these old energies which are not only left by us, our friends and family but also by previous occupants in these premises.

This can be very effective in producing harmonious relationships and improving the wellbeing of all individuals working or living there. The results are immediate: e.g. You may notice that rooms seem brighter and larger.

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