Innergy Nei Gong

We teach Nei Gong, the ancient Chinese art of unique exercises to integrate body, mind and spirit. It is the parent system of Tai Chi and Qi Gong and follows the Taoist water tradition. That is being gentle and healing, cooling and nurturing. The power comes from allowance and perseverance without using any force. By applying the 70% rule, one can achieve results with more ease rather then giving it a 100% and suffer aches and pains after the class. 

In Chinese, Nei (內) means inner/internal and Gong (功) means work/movement.

The uniqueness of Nei Gong is its emphasis on dynamic, continuous spinal movements (like a dragon or a snake). Through gentle yet dynamic movements, the spinal cord and nervous systems are exercised and internal organs massaged. Optimal spinal movement is the foundation to optimal health. From the exercises, energy is collected in the lower Dan Tien (main energy centre of the human body) and then circulated through the entire network of meridians in the human body. An unencumbered flow of vital energy, called “Qi,” is very important – when well-harnessed, brings about inner calm, physical strength and flexibility, increased overall well-being. Qi is the fuel to which the body can use to heal.

The mind is on the movement to bring you in the here and now – a movement in meditation and a meditation in movement.

The exercises have beautiful names like “Flying Dragon in the Sky”, “Pluck the Flower with a Smile” or “Fierce Tiger down the Mountain”. They are safe and gentle, yet very powerful.

Innergy Nei Gong is not only practiced for physical health, it does a fantastic job balancing the mind and the emotions hence creating inner balance and peace.

Learn this ancient Chinese modality that taps the innate healing abilities of our body to bring balance, wellness, and quality of life.

Not in Hong Kong or you can’t visit us? No problem, we offer online classes

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