Diagnostic and Structural Realignment

Our body can naturally heal. There is no better and more cost-effective way than to have the tools to heal yourself.

Modern-day living could be stressful – with long periods in stationary positions and lack of movement that causes a slow decline in muscle integrity. Overtime, postural mis-alignments and lack of muscle strength in the body shows up as pain – as if the body is saying, “Look, something needs to be addressed!”

We work with clients of all ages and backgrounds. Our approach is different from many others in that we teach you how you can take care of your own body. And the way to going from painful to pain free!

During the first consultation, we will properly assess a client’s physical condition and prescribe exercises and/or a combination with healing sessions as appropriate.

The aim here is threefold:

  • To work on spinal and postural realignment
  • To balance emotions and ease the mind
  • If desired, to connect  a client to their spirituality and to work on their personal growth

Email us or call to tell us more about the issue chronic or otherwise. You can also book a session with us right away.


“After struggling with back pain for well over a year, I consulted Doris for help with exercises and healing. Within 4 months my back pain improved beyond expectation, and my mobility and sleep also benefited. Doris is teaching me exercises that help me slowly regain flexibility and strength in my spine. 15-30 minutes practice most mornings have begun to make a significant difference.

The healing sessions are definitely helping to shift stuck and blocked energies in my body, bringing pain-free days for the first time in many months. In addition, they bring about a deep relaxation of long-held tension which builds up with chronic pain, and literally make me feel lighter in mind and body.

– Lisa G, Health Practitioner

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