Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to learn and practice  Nei Gong. Classes are small (normally 8 per class) and combine movements, breath, and some energy work to circulate energy through the meridians, and thus awaken our body gently: inside-out and outside-in.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Tailored one-to-one or one-to-two lessons are available for people who want to work more in-depth, or to address a mis-alignment or health issue through Nei Gong.

Pregnancy Lessons

Learn gentle exercises and breathing techniques to enable an easier pregnancy and childbirth
– Activate the Qi flow in the uterus and pelvis
– Strengthen the pelvic area and lumbar spine
– Increase flexibility and centered-ness
– Release tension

Not in Hong Kong or you can’t visit us? No problem, we offer online classes

Learn Nei Gong online from wherever you are located in the world. Available for individual and group lessons. Please contact us for more details:



“For me Nei Gong is relaxing and refreshing. It improves my focus and my efficiency at work. I feel much more agile.”

– Carlo H., Hong Kong




“Doris is a true capacity in Nei Gong. She knows the exercises and all their positive effects on the physical, emotional and spiritual level inside out. She teaches them masterfully with lots of patience and in all details. A true treasure for the physical wellbeing and the spiritual development. During my studies in China and Europe since 1989, I have met many good and very good teachers in this area. However, what I have learnt in a very short time with Doris is just amazing. Do not miss this chance.”

– Rolf R., Therapist in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Switzerland



“I was feeling desperate… I was feeling ungrounded with a very painful frozen shoulder. A friend and a Nei Gong student with Doris recommended that I try Nei Gong for my problems. I met Doris, had a first-class trial and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! It was not only Nei Gong (which of course I love; I practiced twice a week and participated to a few workshops) and the exercises, it was also Doris: her professionalism, her spirituality, her kindness… The classes are small, and Doris is a great teacher, always ensuring that all exercises are performed in the right manner. After a year, I moved back to France with no shoulder pain and feeling much more grounded! Try it! Enjoy it! Love It! ”

– LG., France

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