Group and Individual Healing

Doris works with an energy she calls “The Healing Flame” that strengthens and purifies on all levels. It brings the body into balance and harmony within itself. She has been working with this “Healing Flame” for many years with fantastic results for clients.

She intuits her different healing techniques to alleviate acute or chronic physical pain, to remove emotional blockages, reduce stress, balance the body and restore people back to health.

Healing Sessions

Doris offers a free 30-minutes consultation to establish the most appropriate treatment for the client.

The healing can consist of hands-on treatments for acute pains in body, hands-off treatments where she channels Universal energies to work on deeper levels or a combination of both.


  • Alleviate acute or chronic physical pain
  • Remove emotional blockages
  • Reduce stress and insomnia
  • Balance body, mind and spirit


Private Healing

1 hour stand-alone: $2000/session

Packages: from $1600/hour

Group Healing sessions held twice a month

Twice a month group sessions are held at the centre for people to de-stress and recharge their battery. All you need is to show up, lie down, relax and allow the healing to take place.

 $180/person (One-hour group healing)

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“Have had trouble sleeping since I arrived, greatly improved after your healing, thank you. Let’s hope it’s all ok from here on.

– Barbara Gall, Hong Kong


“After struggling with back pain for well over a year, I consulted Doris for help with exercises and healing. Within 4 months my back pain improved beyond expectation, and my mobility and sleep also benefited. Doris is teaching me exercises that help me slowly regain flexibility and strength in my spine. 15-30 minutes practice most mornings have begun to make a significant difference.

The healing sessions are definitely helping to shift stuck and blocked energies in my body, bringing pain-free days for the first time in many months. In addition, they bring about a deep relaxation of long-held tension which builds up with chronic pain, and literally make me feel lighter in mind and body.

– Lisa G, Health Practitioner


“ When the Founder of the Tian Yan Nei Gong Centre HK suggested to me that I go to Senior Teacher Doris for more in-depth study of the Nei Gong moving exercises, I seriously contemplated on whether or not I wanted another Teutonic Teacher and Healer in my Filipino life.

However, I did not regret going to Doris for her Nei Gong teaching and also for her healing. In her teaching Nei Gong to me, she was able to break down the exercise into easy to understand steps.   She has the compassion and clarity to focus on what challenges I had with an exercise and focus on those challenges.  And in focusing on each challenge one at a time, the whole exercise became more understandable to me.

Doris also has the intuition to answer and show me the answers that I searched for even if sometimes my questions came out awkward and I was not sure if I had phrased my question accurately. 

On her healing, Doris has helped me regain my equilibrium when I would go to her restless and unsettled.  Doris’ healing to me feels like a gentle almost maternal soothing touch even if she was not actually touching me.  She somehow untangled my emotional and mental webs and I always felt lighter after a healing session with her.

For me, experiential does not always have to be confrontational.

– Helen G. , Manila

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