We offer different kinds of workshops, each with a specific focus and theme. Here students can delve much deeper into Nei Gong exercises. These workshops can comprise a combination of Nei Gong practice, meditation, discussion and occasionally some other energy/healing work. New students are also welcome to join.

Workshops are held in Hong Kong and globally in person and some of them on Zoom. The workshops are often held over a weekend or a course of a few consecutive days. 

A sampling of past and popular workshops:

Improve your Grounding, Opening the Hip Joints, Women’s Health, Connecting to your Heart, Opening the Energy Gates and many more.

Get in touch and we can let you know when a workshop is open for enrollment.





“Attending Doris Baer’s grounding and hip opening workshop was enriching.  For many years, I have investigated countless approaches to improving a painful left knee.  The workshop was effective in awakening a very dormant “kwa”. I learned knee pain involves much, much more than knees. Thank you, Doris.”


– YT, Hong Kong





“ Yes, I enjoyed your grounding workshop very much, your presentation was also excellent – not boring at all! The poses we learnt are already part of my morning exercise routine and what is most important, I can confirm your prediction, I won the golf tournament on Sunday!! When I start losing at golf more frequently, I will call you and line up for another workshop!


– Guenther R.,Hong Kong





“I recently attended the ‘Hip Opening’ weekend workshop with Doris, although attending Nei Gong classes regularly the intensiveness of the two days made such a difference to the movement in my hips and lower back. Increased mobility and suppleness, a much freer feeling altogether. A weekend very well spent!


– Jane S. , Hong Kong





“ My first impression of Nei Gong was that the holding exercises are exhausting but very efficient. This ancient teaching connects body and mind in an intense and perceptible way. I also benefited greatly from my 2nd Workshop on the Breath. Before that I was having an emotional crisis with mood swings and the Nei Gong helped me a lot. I was really relaxed and returned home feeling happy in my whole being. Thank you, Doris – I am looking forward to your next workshop in Winterthur, Switzerland


– Eva S. , Switzerland


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