I believe that our body has the power and knowledge to heal itself from the inside out – and outside in.

My passion is to show you in a holistic way how to activate your inner strength and how to restore your inner life force, thus empowering you to take care of your own body and happiness.



Welcome to the Magic World of Innergy! 


Become Healthy and Strong with Innergy Nei Gong

Live your Dream Life with Confidence – Mentoring

Find Peace & Balance – Intuitive Healing and Energy Work

Harmonious Home and Office – Space Clearing

Calm your Body & Mind – Meditations


” The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

I invite you to take that step now.



Nei Gong

We teach Innergy Nei Gong, an ancient Chinese art of unique exercises to create harmony and balance for body, mind and spirit. It is the parent system of Tai Chi and Qi Gong and follows the Taoist water tradition. That is being gentle and healing, cooling and nurturing. The power comes from allowance and perseverance without using any force.

Apart from regular and private classes, we offer  preparatory practice courses and teachers training courses.

Personal Development & Mentoring

Unfold your LOTUS within! Become that bright LOTUS by getting CLARITY:  Find your true qualities, de-clutter your life, and let go of old believe systems and judgments. Doris assists to dig until you find that beautiful lotus within to live life to your fullest potential and to celebrate who you are.



Innergy Healing & Energy Work

Doris works with an energy she calls “The Healing Flame” that strengthens and purifies on all levels. It brings the body into balance and harmony within itself. She has been working with this “Healing Flame” for many years with fantastic results for clients.

She intuits her different healing techniques to alleviate acute or chronic physical pain, to remove emotional blockages, reduce stress, balance the body and restore people back to health.

Innergy Healing Training Courses Level 1 and Level 2 are now available.  



Doris is a true capacity in Nei Gong. She knows the exercises and all their positive effects on the physical, emotional and spiritual level inside out. She teaches them masterfully with lots of patience and in all details. A true treasure for the physical well being and the spiritual development. During my studies in China and Europe since 1989, I have met many good and very good teachers in this area. However, what I have learnt in a very short time with Doris is just amazing. Do not miss this chance.”


 – Rolf R. , Therapist in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Switzerland

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