How to Boost my Immune System

Interesting just as we entered the year of the metal rat, we got news about a virus that affects our lungs. Some of us may have heard about the 5 elements and how each element is related to an organ. According to Chinese medicine the lungs are related to the element metal. Besides working on our strength and flexibility when we practice Nei Gong, we can actually take care of our organs at the same time through  its dynamic spinal movements. Some of the exercises can improve and strengthen our respiratory tract.

In times like these it is of upmost importance to have a strong immune system.

What do I do to boost my immune system and to stay healthy?

  1. Use common sense with my personal hygiene. My highest priority is keeping my hands clean. Wash, wash and wash.
  2. Be responsible – If I feel unwell, I wear a surgical mask to protect others. If I can’t avoid crowded places, I wear a mask.
  3. Eat nutritious food, plenty of fresh veggies and fruits to increase my vitamin intake. I personally increase my Vitamin C intake combined with Zinc. Some other tips: Probiotics, eat 1-2 spoons of natural honey (UMF+15 or higher), ginger, lemon etc.
  4. Drink plenty of warm water.
  5. Use essential oils, e.g. Tea Tree, Lavender, Ravensara, Frankincense, Eucalyptus. – There are lots of natural remedies to assist with improving our immune system.
  6. Do some exercise, go outdoors for walks, get lots of fresh air and sunshine (Vitamin D). I practice daily Nei Gong to keep my body healthy and strong.
  7. Stress has a great impact on our immune system. The fact that we are constantly bombarded by media reports about a “life-threateningvirus” does not help, in contrary it adds to our stress level. Again, I dosome calming exercises and meditation, anything I enjoy doing. Take some ME time. Nei Gong has a calming effect by bringing our mind in the here and now, it is a moving meditation.
  8. Deep and gentle breathing exercises can have calming and healing effects. Breathing through the nose instead of the mouth is very important – the air gets warmed, humidified and filtered before it gets to the lungs.
  9. Get more sleep than usual

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