This Nei Gong exercise helps to re-enforce the grounding, to open up the BL Meridian and to increase mobility in the hip joints. A beautifully calming moving meditation.
The Cat Stretch is a fantastic exercise to ease tensions in your back. Here I show you 2 different variations without counting the first one. In total we have 5 variations: 1. the full stretch most of us know 2. the Lumbar Cat 3. the Mid Thoracic Cat These isolated spinal movements help you to create awareness and to connect to different parts of your back, which is not easy for most people
Great cardio exercise to open heart meridian, ease neck and shoulder tension and increase flexibility of shoulders.
A beautiful and intensive Nei Gong exercise for our shoulders and upper respiratory tract. A great way to let go of the old and create space for the new.
The Kwa consists of the biggest muscle group in our body, the iliopsoas and adductor. Connecting our torso with our legs through the hip joints. When we are sitting a lot these muscles, tendons and ligaments have the tendency of getting shorter. With the Nei Gong we are constantly opening and closing and therefore stretching this internal muscle group and this Kwa Squat is a great exercise to do that.
A basic breathing exercise to help you relax your body, calm your mind and energize you at the same time. Feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about how you can relax and find inner peace.
This energizing exercise is fantastic for neck and shoulder tension. It can also be beneficial for your upper respiratory tract. Please contact me directly to learn more about this beautiful exercise.