Confidence – Part 1

Do you listen to your body?

What does this mean?
Our body knows and shows us when something is not quite right or out of balance. It actually tells us; we just have forgotten how to listen to it. The messages can be very subtle at the beginning but can gradually become stronger in a form of pain or even illness. We do not need to wait until that moment occurs though, there are many different tools and modules at disposal to prevent this.

The Voice of Nei Gong

A friend and student of mine said that Nei Gong feels like it has a voice talking to him.
I absolutely agree! 🙂

The voice of Nei Gong shows us how to listen to our body, we find out where its limits and comfort zones are; hence we allow our body to relax and align and we can then live in balance and harmony with it.

Result: Full acceptance of our body. We feel lighter, stronger and more flexible, and as a bonus we become more confident.

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